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 The Anfanterríble is the child who speaks uncomfortably candid truths to the old order. We are a film studio that embraces multiple mediums and genres to tell stories that inspire meaningful change. 

AnfanTerríble is the brainchild of filmmakers Vika Evdokimenko and Oliver Shuster. Vika & Oliver started their collaboration developing projects for 3 Arts Entertainment and their film work has since been featured at over 50 festivals worldwide and earned them a BAFTA nomination. Their commercial work has been nominated for the AICP and Porsche awards. They are Yaddo Colony fellows and members of the British Academy.  




'I Don't Need Adult Conversation' commissioned by BFI Doc Society

We are grateful to the BFI Doc Society for selecting our latest piece 'I Don't Need Adult Conversation' as a recipient of their #MadeOfTruth grant. Harnessing and riffing off the archetypal imagery of motherhood that proliferates our culture, this surrealist, docuhorror essay film explores the staggering counterpoint between the light and shadow sides of becoming a mother.

AICP features 'T.E.N.T' on Awards Shortlist 2020

Thank you AICP for including 'T.E.N.T on your shortlist of the best commercial work of 2020. Big shout out to our amazing cast & crew: Cordelia Rose Comando, Allen Parsons, Oliver Shuster, Jacqueline Down, Benjamin Rutkowski, Charlie Porter, Sound Disposition, Honest Labor, Susanne Houstle, Alex Wiske and Greg Maziuk. 


Interview with BAFTA Guru
March 9th 2018

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to your dream collaborators”

Director Vika Evdokimenko and Co-Writer Oliver Shuster talk to BAFTA Guru


Aamir nominated for BAFTA award
January 9th 2018

Congratulations to our cast and crew and all the people and organisations who supported the film. Thank you BAFTA for nominating Aamir!


Aamir now available on Curzon Home Video
March 10th 2018

Aamir is now available to watch on Curzon Home Cinema as part of the BAFTA Shorts 2018 program.


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