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A new mother discovers dark feelings stirring up inside her at night. This docu-fictional essay film takes us on a surrealist journey into a mother’s subconscious.


A dark comedy about a party whose guests struggle to keep up appearances when they're spiked with a mysterious drug that colours the night.

An eccentric grandfather shows his skeptical granddaughter the transportive power of a T.E.N.T

AICP Awards Shortlist 2020

13 year old Aamir has fled his home and been separated from his family only to be stranded alone in the largest unofficial refugee camp in Europe. When he is befriended by Katlyn, a well meaning but thinly stretched British volunteer, she becomes Aamir's last hope for salvation.

The first-ever commercial for American vermouth, brought to you by Atsby Vermouth. 

Two hapless filmmakers in search of the ultimate New York story get washed up in deep Brooklyn and chance upon Fred, a kid who's 14 going on 50 and on the brink of a candy-fuelled existential quest.

A half-hour comedy pilot for the intellectual stoner.

A tale about the perils of being an old fashioned romantic...


New York & London